Rams Kobie Turner's breathtaking National Anthem performance goes viral overnight

Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages

The LA Rams have plenty to love about rookie nose tackel Kobie Turner. This young man was selected by the Rams in Round 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft with the 89th overall pick. He was not given much time to acclimate to life in Los Angeles, California, as he was immediately called upon to play one of the most physically demanding roles in the NFL. That's a very high bar to set for a rookie to take on the daunting task of competing in the NFL as a nose tackle.

Rams Turner stopped the show this season, putting up an unheard of 57 tackles, 9.0 quarterback sacks, eight tackles for a loss, and 16 quarterback hits in his debut season in the NFL. Funny thing is that he did all of that while playing just 697 defensive snaps, or just 62 percent of the time.

But show stopping performances seem to be rather routine for Kobie Turner, a.k.a. The Conductor. You see, he also has an accomplished vocal range and harmonic pitch that would make Adele jealous, and he put it on display by singing the very challenging Star Spangled Banner before the start of the LA Kings ice hockey game.

And yes, as you may have already guessed, he nailed it. The initial mentions of his performance simply cited that he sang the National Anthem. No flourishes, just reporting the news.

But that was just the start of the buzz. NFL Media Analyst, Blake Warye, was on top of the event, and did not hold back on his praise of Turner's performance:

But what of family and friends? Did any loved one dare to comment on Turner's acapello octaves? Well, Father Turner was absolutely ecstatic with his son's musical performance. Kobie's father, Lamer Turner Jr.. showed up on social media touting praises for his son, and Kobie Turner deserved every bit of pride and respect that his father felt:

The Score (pun not intended) joined in on the praises, not only acknowledging Kobie Turner's performance, but sharing high praise for the Rams rookie nose tackle.

Even LA Rams players raced to social media to sing (pun intended) Kobie Turner's praises. Big Whit, Andrew Whitworth, gave LA Rams NT Kobie Turner, a big shout out on social media:

Even former DL Coach Eric Henderson joined in to applaud his former players knock-your-socks-off performance.

Even LA Rams social media promoter extraordinaire, rushed to acknowledge Turner's vocals.

Even the co-Host of the Golden Ram Buzz Podcast, Da'Mon Jackson, showed up to give Kobie Turner a well-deserved social media shoutout.

Almost all LA Rams fans recognize that rookie NT Kobie Turner deserves the NFL's Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. And the future for the LA Rams defense is incredibly bright, thanks in large part to Kobie Turner's on-field performance.

But after hearing him belt out the National Anthem, I have to wonder. It's pretty clear that Kobie Turner has a bright alternative future in the performing arts. And it's also clear that the LA Rams play in the neighborhood of Hollywood, California, home to moviemaking and television series productions.

Kobie Turner earned a Pro Football Focus grade of 83.8 for his 2023 performance. But a fair grade for his singing performance has to flirt with 90.0 for his National Anthem performance. At some point in time, the Rams not only have to concern themselves with retention for Kobie Turner in the NFL.

I hear Broadway performers can earn huge sacks of cash as well. And performing on those stages do not require special equipement.