Rams linebacker hilariously roasts Lions fan in Reddit AMA

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New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Ernest Jones of the Los Angeles Rams had an "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) on the NFL subreddit. This means that people can ask questions and Jones can respond to whichever questions he'd like to respond to.

The funniest moment to come from Jones' AMA was when a Lions fan asked him about the loss in the playoffs. A reminder even though you probably don't need it: The Lions and Rams squared off in the Wild Card round and unfortunately, LA got eliminated by the Lions, who had not had success in the postseason before that win.

The fan asked the Rams linebacker if he felt any happiness at all for the Lions or if it was just another loss for him. Jones answered as honestly as he could: "No happiness at all. I actually wish you all would have lost."

Ernest Jones doesn't hold back when responding to Lions fan

Sure the Lions' playoff run was fun for that fan base and any fan base whose team wasn't eliminated by them but did the fan sending this question to Jones really expect him to say "Oh yeah, I was happy for Lions fans!" These guys don't care about the history of other teams and obviously, Jones would have rather his team advanced in the postseason than the Lions win their first playoff game in decades. He's not going to be happy at all about his own team losing.

The Lions made it to the NFC Championship Game where they had a big lead over the San Francisco 49ers before choking it away in the second half.

Rams fans only loved Ernest Jones more after this response.