Rams mix n match OL sending reports down multiple rabbit holes

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Here's what we know so far

The LA Rams are not exactly an open book right now. Even as this team is assembling a very young roster, the unfamiliarity of the way things are done in the NFL by so many rookies has really hampered the Rams speed so far. That is not necessarily a gad thing,

I - Rookie IOL Steve Avila is going to start. While it is clear that rookie interior offensive lineman is going to start on the LA Rams offensive line, the biggest question that needs to be solved is where. The Rams wanted to get a versatile offensive lineman, and claimed the first and theoretically the best of the bunch from the 2023 NFL Draft class. Now, the Rams have to determine the best four to start around him.

Because the Rams have had limits to participation from Brian Allen, Joe Noteboom, Rob Havenstein, and a minor knee ailment with rookie OT Warren McClendon Jr., Coach Wendell has been aggressively committing playing time to see who matches best on the offensive front with the other linemen.

II - Don't rule out Coleman Shelton as the starting center. There are plenty of video footage and breakdowns of the offensive line starters, but after all of the analysis, it comes down to the most basic common denominator. Who is the most effective? If you are talking about the LA Rams offense having any chance of running the football, then you have to give significant weight to entrusting Coleman Shelton as the Rams' starting offensive center.

Over the past two seasons, the Rams' running backs have broken the 100+ yard ceiling just five times. The common denominator is the fact that Coleman Shelton started at the center. Coach Ryan Wendell was a hard-nosed athletic offensive lineman, and he likely sees a lot of himself in Shelton. Even as the Rams appear to be getting bigger and more physical up front, don't discount the fact that Coleman Shelton has a proven track record of boosting the Rams running game.