Rams Mock Draft: Les Sneads loads up roster with play-makers

NFL Draft, Roger Goodell
NFL Draft, Roger Goodell / Al Bello/GettyImages
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The LA Rams are down to 32 days until the 2024 NFL Draft. That's not a lot of time to finalize the draft board.

While the LA Rams will almost certainly be in the preseason discussions over the 2025 NFL Playoffs, their roster is far from a finished product. After all, with just 60 of 90 players under contract, there is still plenty of work to do for this team. Of course, if you compare the progress in 2024 to that of the 2023 NFL season, you will find that the team is approximately 15 players ahead of last season.

And if you compare the quality of the team's recent free agent signings, the team is well ahead of the mark overall. But we have to give the 2024 NFL center stage for the Rams roster right now.

How will the top prospects fall on draft day? This is the time of the NFL calendar year where everyone 'knows,' exactly when and how prospects will come off the board on draft day. And yet, when the even arrives, invariably we are left shocked and amazed that a highly touted Top-10 prospect falls to Day 2 of the draft. Why? It could be a suspicious injury that surfaced on a medical exam. It could be that the player did not give the ideal answer during the interview process to the teams that are shopping for that position early in the draft.

It could even be that the position is simply not one that NFL teams are targeting in that round.

Invariably, some team is instantly graded as emerging with an incredible draft class, simply because the prospects that were chosen aligned with that draft analysts mock draft. But we all know that history does not always work that way. Whether it's a quarterback, cornerback, offensive tackle, or running back, NFL teams do not always see things the way we do, or even how we want them to.

But that is the fun of the NFL Draft. Knowing that it is no better than a lottery ticket, the prospects chosen in the NFL Draft not only reveal a team's priorities, but sheds some light on their process of selecting prospects.