Rams Mock Draft: Les Sneads loads up roster with play-makers

NFL Draft, Roger Goodell
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With the 52nd pick

. . . the LA Rams select Kris Jenkins, defensive lineman, out of Michigan.

While not a particularly sexy pick, the front office reveals a pragmatic solution to the challenges facing the team's defense in 2024. The group led by new Defensive Coordinator Chris Shula needs both talent and depth, and both boxes get checked off with this selection.

Kris Jenkins is a rookie prospect who we haven't discussed in great length because, well, he didn't play at a position that had a high priority for the team. Circumstances have changed considerable, and now Jenkins offers a highly-coveted skillset to a defense that needs reinforcements on the defensive line.

Jenkins stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 299 pounds. He is a legacy player, son of 6-foot-4 360-pound defensive tackle Kris Jenkins who was a 10-year veteran of the NFL, and a three-time All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowler. Now his son Kris will bear the standard of his father as he forges his own NFL career path.

Jenkins is a versatile defensive lineman, with the build and size that would allow him to compete at any position on the Rams 3-4 defensive front. Jenkins is not only incredible football savvy, but he is tremendously powerful and capable at the line of scrimmage. His power alone creates stalemates at the line of scrimmage, even against double teams. Best of all, he has played better as the competition level has risen.

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Jenkins has shown steady improvement throughout his college football career, and that is readily projected into his NFL performance as well. While versatile and incredibly athletic, he will get early defensive snaps as a passionate player who can plug in anywhere. Over time, passion will give way to refinement and polish.

Jenkins has a marvelous NFL career ahead of him. and he is ideally suited to contribute right out of the gates, while not sacrificing the lofty upside of a future NFL Pro Bowler.