Rams Mock Draft: Les Sneads loads up roster with play-makers

NFL Draft, Roger Goodell
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With the 154th pick

. . . the LA Rams select Renardo Green, defensive back, out of Florida State.

The number of talented defensive backs in the 2024 NFL Draft is such that talent will fall into Day 3, and Florida States' Renardo Green is one who may fall to the Rams here. Standing 6-foot-0 and weighing 186 pounds, Green is every bit tall enough to be considered a full NFL cornerback. He is a standard size for a defensive back in a rookie class that seems to be overflowing with bigger bodies, whish is why he falls to Round 5.

Green held his own against LSU's talented tandem of WRs in Malik Neighbors and Brian Thomas Jr. In 2023, he chalked up 13 pass break ups, a huge number for a college defensive back. That high number was due to the fact that he routinely faced some of the best college quarterbacks and receivers, all of whom were eager to test him.

The Rams need a new starting cornerback, and Green very much carries the type of skillset that places him in the pole position for that role in 2024.

With the 155th pick

. . . the LA Rams select Malik Washington, wide receiver, out of Virginia.

The LA Rams may have a taste for larger wide receivers, but the talents and versatility of Virginia slot receiver Malik Washington are too tempting to resist. Washington is a 5-foot-8 191-pound receiver whose versatility will inspire HC Sean McVay to burn the midnight oil conceiving new ways to use him in this offense. While he was primarily a slot receiver in college (and an elite one at that), he has the Deebo Samuel-feel of a multi-use offensive weapon for the right offense.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First and foremost, Malik Washington is a solution to the team's need for a kickoff and punt returner. He returned kickoffs for Virginia in 2023, and did very well. That will earn him a spot of the 53-man roster.

He is built like a solid running back, and as such could line up almost anywhere in the offense to deliver defense shattering plays. Imagine an entire tree of offensive plays that begin with lining him up next to Kyren Williams in the backfield. Who runs with the football? Who is sent out as a receiver? He simply is too versatile to be pigeon-holed to a limited role. Oh, and by the way, he put up 110 receptions 1,426 yards, and nine touchdowns in 2023.