Rams Mock Draft: Team add elite run stuffer and pass rusher in latest mock

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The LA Rams are certainly a team that 'feels' like a 2025 NFL Playoffs team already. The team was buoyed by the elite play of multiple rookies on the roster in 2023. But as is often the case with rookies,. the team did not start to gel until after their Week 10 BYE. On paper, the Rams 3-6 start to the 2023 NFL season was nothing like the team that finished the regular season with a 7-1 record.

There is enough evidence to expect the team will begin the 2024 NFL season as it finished the 2023 NFL season, propelled by the fury and momentum of a 7-1 run. Of course, it's not that simple, as the team must regroup and reform a roster that is aligned with the new offensive and defensive game plan

A draft is not something that the LA Rams, or any team, can dictate. While many fans may want UCLA Edge Laiatu Latu to be on the board when the team steps up to the podium with the 19th overall pick, there are 18 other teams that can select Latu prior to the Rams ever making their selection. But on the flip side, there is the basic argument of math that is at play as well.

Nobody knows how the draft board will fall on Day 1. But there are so many players on the board with Round 1 projections that many must fall to the Rams at 19. With a draft that has as many as five quarterbacks, four wide receivers, one tight end, five offensive tackles, four edge rushers, two cornerbacks and one defensive tackle all projected to be selected among the Top 15 prospects selected from the 2024 NFL Draft, at least four of those players must still be on the board when the Rams select a player at 19.

And that is in a perfect world, one in which every prospect's projection aligns with the draft boards of all 32 NFL teams. We know from history that is seldom the case.

Some players will fall. Others will not. The bigger surprise is not the fact that a highly projected prospect falls, but that analysts and fans are surprised when that happens. Because the random selection of prospects is so unpredictable, I try to remove any subjectivity by relying on an online simulator to create the unexpected order of player selections.

That order plays a huge factor in how the draft board falls in the early rounds. But after the first 100 or so selections have been made, things tend to even out. So, let's see how this mock draft plays out.