Rams Mock Draft: Team add elite run stuffer and pass rusher in latest mock

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With the 154th pick

. . . the LA Rams select Elijah Jones, cornerback, out of Boston College. The Rams will be looking for a taller defensive back to put into sub-packages and for pass coverage depth, and 6-foot-2 185-pound Jones is an ideal prospect for that need. Jones is a mature six-season college football veteran who will enter the NFL as a player who has seen a remarkable uptick in interceptions: two in 2022 and five in 2023.

Jones is blessed with incredible speed, and has the chops for solid zone pass coverage. He can harass the receiver at the line of scrimmage long enough to stay close throughout the route. From that position, he has successfully jumped routes to claim the football as his own. He needs to muscle up a bit in the gym, and he needs to improve his run defense. But all in all, he is a solid Day 3 depth addition to a secondary that is already quite formidable.

With the 155th pick

. . . the LA Rams select Jarvis Brownlee, cornerback, out of Louisville. The team knows that they will need to bolster the youth and depth in the secondary, and Brownlee is another ideal addition for the roster in 2024. Brownlee is another young rookie prospect who has a passion for football that exceeds a mere vocational interest. Brownlee wants to be the best football player that he can be. Standing 5-foot-10 and weighs 194 pounds, he may not strike fans or analysts as a hard-hitting defensive back. But he is that, and so much more.

He is a physical defensive back who is solid in both pass and run support. He has the ability to mix it up with receivers at the line of scrimmage, and throw off their timing. He can struggle as receivers run downfield, as he is not particularly swift enough to remain close. While he may not excel at any single attribute, he is good enough at everything to make him a solid addition to an NFL secondary. With a bit more refinement and coaching, he could be an NFL starter.