Rams NFL Draft grades: Does team deserve what experts saying about this class?

Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

After the 2023 NFL Draft class that soared, you had every right to believe that the post-draft final grades for the LA Rams 2024 NFL Draft class would be far kinder than the grades from a year ago. For the most part, they were.

But perhaps the problem with the instant analysis is the fact that it is instant analysis. After all, if the 2023 NFL Draft were to be graded now, the Rams pulled up to four Round 1 players out of last year's rookie class, but never used a single Round 1 pick.

Yet here we are, judging picks again. Perhaps the best way to just accept the natural human curiosity of looking for these immediate grades is to view the draft like a trip to the grocery store, and the grades assigned by various sports media and analysts are like the kids rummaging through the bags to see if you bought their favorite cereal or perhaps a bag of candy find its way into the grocery cart.

In the end, the real work is turning ingredients into quality meals, and that comes from the coaching staff during training camp.


NFL Draft analyst Chad Reuter handled the post-draft grading for the team and was rather complementary to this draft class. He loved the team's ability to harness the defensive firepower from the Florida State Seminoles with the first two picks of this draft but has a disclaimer that links Ohio State DT Mike Hall (who was picked by the Saints at 54) to the team's willingness to trade up.

  • Best Day: Day 1
  • Worst Day: Day 3

Final Grade: A-

USA Today

USA Today was also quite favorable in assessing the team's draft class. In the assessment, they see the Rams' first four picks in this draft as immediate contributors. Surprisingly, there was nothing mentioned about any of the Day 3 picks.

  • Best Day: Days 1 and 2
  • Worst Day: Day 3

Final Grade: A-

Fox Sports

The Fox Sports crew only evaluated Round 1 for the LA Rams. While acknowledging Aaron Donald's retirement as a tough void to fill, they are thrilled with Florida State OLB Jared Verse, who they believe is adept at both rushing the passer and stopping the run.

Final Grade: A-

CBS Sports

It appears that CBS Sports loved what the LA Rams did with their 10 picks of the 2024 NFL Draft, and earned high marks for GM Les Snead along the way.

  • Best Pick: Arkansas IOL Beaux Limmer - "He will eventually be a starter"
  • Worst Pick: Texas WR Jordan Whittington

Final Grade: B+


If you want to get the scoop about the Rams draft from ESPN Draft Doctor Mel Kiper, you must slide behind their paywall. I can't break that paywall to share his views, but he was complimentary of the draft class. If you want a pick-by-pick draft analysis without grades, you should check out their free assessment by Sarah Bishop.

Final Grade: B+

Pro Football Focus does a thorough job of covering the entire LA Rams 2024 rookie draft class. They do make a gaffe in that they use their Brock Bowers assessment to analyze the Rams pick of Jared Verse in Round 1 (these things happen). But they do get the rest of the players matched up correctly.

Final Grade: B+

Ultimately, the 'experts' did not poke many holes in the Rams draft class, nor should they. Even with a ten picks and a deep draft in some positions, the front office had to select players who fit this team's roster and culture, not who the draft analysts loved as value at that pick.

Did the Rams draft class deserve an A- overall draft grade by the experts? I would have cited the overall impact of this class at least an A. The Rams addressed all but one or two depth needs, landed as many as seven impact players in terms of rotational roles, and appear to have as many as four new potential starters already.

If the bar for the Rams 2024 rookie class was higher than that? The problem is not in the class itself, but in the fact that the bar was set so high.