Rams NFL Draft grades: What are experts saying about Jared Verse?

The Rams selected Jared Verse with the 19th pick.
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It was an odd feeling seeing the Los Angeles Rams hand in a draft card in the first round considering it was something they hadn't done in eight years. That being said, the Rams went with Florida State edge rusher Jared Verse to help bolster their defense following Aaron Donald's retirement.

Rams fans liked the Verse pick but how are draft pundits reacting to the pick? What grades did LA get for their first Round 1 selection since 2016?

2024 NFL Draft Grades: How did Rams do?

PFF: Very Good

The board fell in the Rams' favor as the first 14 picks were offensive players. That left top-5 caliber defensive players available for the Rams to snag when they normally wouldn't have that opportunity. That being said, PFF loved the pick and said that Verse is the perfect guy to help "reset [the Rams'] pass rush after Aaron Donald's retirement".

"The Rams desperately needed edge help, and they select arguably the best power rusher in the class. Verse burst onto the scene over the past two years at Florida State, ranking second among Power Five edge rushers in pass-rush win rate. The Rams use their highest selection since 2016 to reset their pass rush after Aaron Donald‘s retirement."


Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: B+

Prisco gave the Rams a high B for the Verse pick, noting that they ended up "one of the best pass rushers". He also says that this selection will help replace Donald. With the explanation given, one would think that Prisco would have given the Rams an A- but he went with the B+ grade.

"The Rams patiently wait and end up with one of the best pass rushers in this draft. This fills a major need and will help compensate for the loss of Aaron Donald on the inside. "

Pete Prisco

The Athletic: B

The lowest grade out of the three sources was a B, which is still a good mark for LA. The reason the score wasn't in the A range is that they felt that Chop Robinson would have been the better pick here.

"Verse likely won’t equal what Donald brought (nor would anyone else), but he was a nice choice for a team that hadn’t made a first-round pick since 2016. Chop Robinson might be more explosive with a higher upside, but Verse was more productive in college."

The Athletic