Rams preseason games will have at least one nationally televised contest

The LA Rams clashing with the Cowboys will play for a nationally-televised audience in Game 1. But what should fans expect for the 2024 preseason?
Los Angeles Rams, Byron Young v Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Rams, Byron Young v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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WEEK 1· Sun 08/11· 1:25 PM PDT - Dallas Cowboys

The LA Rams and Dallas Cowboys have almost some form of symbiosis in preseason. Due to the fact that the Cowboys conduct training camp in California rather than Texas, their team has become quite popular among NFL fans in California. That was especially true before the Los Angeles Rams returned to California, and the shift of fans openly supporting the Cowboys to the Rams has been a rather slow migration.

The LA Rams host the Cowboys on what is the team's only nationally televised preseason game this year. It's a good choice, as the game will not only feature two teams with NFL playoff aspirations but the two teams have already committed to joint practices that will feature the LA Rams starters in controlled scrimmages.

This will be the only Rams preseason game seen on the NFL Network:

So what should fans expect?

While the win-loss outcome of this game will mean next to nothing, the Rams roster boasts significant depth in areas that have been somewhat shallow in the past. That could mean a bit more competitive performance from the Rams in the preseason opener. And let's face it, there has to be a lingering sting from how the Rams were humbled in Dallas at the hands of the Cowboys in 2023.

Turnabout is fair play, even in preseason.