Rams preseason games will have at least one nationally televised contest

The LA Rams clashing with the Cowboys will play for a nationally-televised audience in Game 1. But what should fans expect for the 2024 preseason?
Los Angeles Rams, Byron Young v Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Rams, Byron Young v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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It will be a wild week when Rams clash with Cowboys

The recent history of the LA Rams and Dallas Cowboys clashing in preseason, even under the guise of joint practices and controlled scrimmages, has often led to heated outbreaks of skirmishes and brawls that have emptied both team's benches. As such, there are no reasons to expect any difference this year:

But above and beyond a night at the fights, what can Rams fans look forward to in the first preseason game? Here are four items to keep on the radar.

IV: First look at 2024 special teams

The entire NFL will have their eyes trained on each and every other NFL team to open the 2024 preseason schedule because no consensus has formed over the new NFL kickoff rules. That has opened the possibility of 32 different strategies for kicking off, and 32 other different strategies for returning kickoffs. For Rams fans, they will be pleased to witness two possible configurations as both the Rams and Cowboys will reveal how they plan to handle those aspects of the game this season.

III: Most participation of Rams players

Unlike many NFL teams, the first preseason game for the team is the game that will almost certainly boast the most participation of Rams players. The reason for that is quite simple. As we witnessed in 2023, as Rams rookies demonstrate command of skills and tactics from training camp and the practice field, they ascend to the level where coaches no longer wish to risk injury to them.

Since that threshold of performance has not yet been met in the preseason, those players who are oh-so-close to making the active roster typically show up in the first preseason game to ensure that they have the opportunity to experience faster playing speed in anticipation of the upcoming NFL season.

II: A glimpse of Jimmy G in Horns

Perhaps the most obvious vision that will take a lot of time to get used to is to see former foe Jimmy Garoppolo under center for the LA Rams in this one. And to add even more excitement, you could see newly moved center Steve Avila getting christened at his new position for the team. After all, while both Garoppolo and Avila are returning veterans, neither have been in this position for the Rams. This could be a perfect way to break the ice for both players before the start of the regular season.

Due to Jimmy Garoppolo's suspension for Weeks 1 and 2, he could get extended playing time in this year's preseason as he will have two full weeks away from the team to mend any and all bumps and bruises.

I: Rams rookies in rotational roles

Across both the offense and defense, the Rams will want to see what their rookie class of 2024 can do. I am not referring only to the young players signed after the draft, but even players selected in Round 3 like RB Blake Corum and DB Kamren Kinchens. Because the team has solid depth at multiple positions

There is a lot of buzz about this team, not just about the rookie additions, but even 2023 players who are fighting for larger roles this year. Will they be benched through preseason games? Or will they be sent onto the field, earning their places on the depth chart rather than being anointed due to last year's production?

How long will the team player rookie OLB Brennan Jackson. Will the Rams play rookie IOL Beaux Limmer at center? Who is slotted in at which positions can be as telling in the first preseason game as how well players perform to open the 2024 preseason.