Rams previously injured offensive linemen appear to be falling behind

Los Angeles Rams Logan Bruss
Los Angeles Rams Logan Bruss / Harry How/GettyImages
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It's not easy to succeed in the NFL as an offensive lineman. Perhaps that is why the LA Rams continuously held veteran offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth in such high regard. Big Whit was so attuned to his body, that even consuming a stray cheeseburger would trigger his self-awareness of being a bit more sluggish, a bit less explosive. Whitworth knew that his NFL career would end quickly if he did not treat his body with pristine care. Unfortunately, even caring for your body can fall beyond your sphere of control. Just ask three injured offensive linemen from the 2023 NFL season: Joe Noteboom, Brian Allen, and Logan Bruss.

For Rams fans, a repeat of cycling through a dozen or more offensive linemen before the season ends is simply not acceptable. To create a cohesive group of blockers, it's common knowledge that that starting spot begins with consistency. The same five guys must go out and do battle together, week after week, to trek the the only true course to playing well.

Alas, Logan Bruss. We may not know you after all

But the injuries started early for the LA Rams roster last season. The team had hoped to lean on rookie IOL Logan Bruss to back up the right guard position. But just as the 2022 NFL season was about to get underway, Logan Bruss obliterated his knee, tearing up both his ACL and MCL, ending his rookie season before it ever started:

"I have never dealt with anything like that before. So just kind of figuring out what the process was, and just the mindset needed for that, it took a while."

IOL Logan Bruss

And so, the road to earning a spot on the LA Rams roster was reset. But this time, the path not only included outperforming his teammates but also coming back from an injury that can take more than a year to recover from. And so far, he has struggled.

To add insult to injury, Bruss has not shown up in dominating fashion so far in two preseason games. And now, it seems as though Bruss is injured again, as LA Rams head coach Sean McVay shared after the Las Vegas Raiders loss, Logan Bruss suffered an ankle sprain and is now being handled on a day-to-day basis.