Rams previously injured offensive linemen appear to be falling behind

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Brian Allen may need to hand off the baton this year

One of the key battles along the LA Rams offensive line this season centers on the offensive center position, where veterans Brian Allen and Coleman Shelton are vying for the right to compete for the right to start at the position for the 2023 NFL season. And while we don't know now the competition will conclude, I can tell you this.

I hope that Coleman Shelton emerges as the starting center of the LA Rams offensive line this season. That is not intended to throw any shade at Brian Allen whatsoever. Rather, Allen is still trying to come back from a series of injuries that have plagued him his entire NFL career. And that lack of durability does not affect his play alone, but the availability of the Rams' offensive line.

But isn't he having great practices? Um, not exactly. You see, there was a star at offensive center, but it was NOT Brian Allen, who was getting a rest day to manage his work load due to the toll that injuries have inflicted on him last season.

It just so happens that Coleman Shelton looked great on that particular day.

It's not going to be obvious for the LA Rams this season. Incredibly young teams can struggle to compete in the NFL, and the LA Rams have an incredibly young team. But the team can help itself tremendously by making decisions about the Rams roster and the Rams depth chart based on a 360-degree perspective.

However else the Rams rank and assess their players, durability has got to be a key quality to include when determining starters. There is no upside to giving a guy who is coming back from injury a starting role to shelter hurt feelings. And if a player's workload is being managed, and they are not an elite player when the do suit up, then giving them a starting role is begging for disaster.

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LA Rams offensive linemen who were previously injured in 2022 are falling behind this year. It's not because they suck. Rather, they are pushing themselves to compete when they may not be fully healed up. In the end, the Rams must make the decision that is the right one for the team. And in doing so, the Rams may be making the right decisions for those injured players as well.