Rams rival rejects HC return for 2024, complicating Rams offseason

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll, Sean McVay / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

I think that it is safe to say that the LA Rams have enjoyed some pleasant success against the Seattle Seahawks in recent years. For the record, that dominance has been in place ever since the LA Rams hired HC Sean McVay in 2017. Since that time, the LA Rams have enjoyed a 10-5 record against a very competitive Seattle Seahawks team. including a win in the 2021 NFL Playoffs in the Wild Card Round.

In many ways, the LA Rams seemed to have the Seahawks number. The question is: How much of the Rams success over the Seahawks was due to Seattle Seahawks HC Pete Carroll? We are about to find out.

Despite another winning season, the Seattle Seahawks and head coach Pete Carroll are parting ways. Initial reports indicate that Carroll will remain with the team in some form of advisory role, but I believe that may be a loose extension of a relationship that may not withstand the weeks ahead.

Carroll has been the Seattle Seahawks head coach since 2010, and he has coached the Seahawks to a record of 137 wins, 89 losses, and just one tie over the past 14 NFL seasons. Since the Rams hired HC Sean McVay in 2017, the Seahawks have had just one losing season (The team was 7-10 in 2021), and have missed the NFL Playoffs just three seasons. In the past two seasons, the Seahawks have finished with identical 9-8 records. Being swept by the Rams this year prevented the Seahawks from appearing in the NFL Playoffs, and likely led to Carroll's dismissal.

Potential complications for the LA Rams

While any rival team losing a head coach is typically good news, the Seattle Seahawks dismissal of Pete Carroll after a somewhat successful 2023 NFL season could be a bit of a wild card variable for the LA Rams as the team prepares for 2024. For starters, while the Seahawks were a successful team, the LA Rams had plenty of experience facing them, and knew what the team would be facing whenever the Seahawks appeared on the Rams schedule.

Another factor that will complicate the LA Rams 2024 offseason is the fact that the Seahawks have never hesitated to poach promising coaches from the LA Rams coaching staff in the past. In 2023, the LA Rams coaching staff is bursting with high quality coaches who not only understand the game of football, but are excellent communicators and mentors to young NFL players as well.

But the aspect of this move falls back to the adage: Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. The changing of the guard for the Seattle Seahawks could end poorly for the team or could reactivate their competitiveness for the future. At 9-8, the Seattle Seahawks are not exactly loaded with high-value draft picks for the 2024 NFL season. And current projections for the Seattle Seahawks' available salary cap space for 2024 is a modest $4 million.

But the LA Rams have proven to the NFL that a sharp front office and elite coaching staff can make a huge difference in just one season, and can turn around a team quite quickly. The reset for the Seattle Seahawks gives that NFL organization a chance to jump onto the Rams coattails and repeat what the Rams did in 2023, by replicating that approach in 2024.

The LA Rams should be in the Super Bowl discussion for the 2024 NFL season. I simply do no want the Seattle Seahawks to be included in any discussion of that nature in 2024, or 2025.

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