Rams ROI in these two rookies will pay out a sensational jackpot in 2024

NFL Combine, Braden Fiske, Jared Verse
NFL Combine, Braden Fiske, Jared Verse / Kara Durrette/GettyImages
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Solitary confinement. Alone. Isolated. If you have ever been all by yourself in strange surroundings or away from the familiarity of your home or neighborhood, you probably experienced pangs of emotions as you read the first four words of this article. That's a good thing, because without the understanding of how impactful the feeling of loneliness impacts humans, and the accompanying empathy triggered by those feelings, this article may not hold as much value to you.

There is quite a bit of newness that an NFL rookie must adapt to almost instantly as soon as they hear their names called out during the NFL Draft. There is an entire football team organization that instantly becomes that rookie support group. There is an array of coaches who that rookie must impress almost instantly. And then there is the new city, new restaurants, new teammates, new friends, and the new life that the rookie must instantly embrace and flourish in.


Of course, alone is no longer the same with virtual meeting technology. You can share live video and audio feeds with family members almost instantly from anywhere. But even that technology falls well short of smelling familiar aromas of the next family meal, the sounds of birds chirping and children playing nearby, and the relationships and mutual trust that took years to forge.

Unless, of course, you are the top two rookies selected in the 2024 NFL Draft by the LA Rams.

There are times to be timid, to be conservative and play cards close to the vest. But there are other times when chances must be taken. Fortune smiles on the bold. No matter what other opinions you may hold about the LA Rams front office and particularly about GM Les Snead, you must concede that he is a riverboat gambler, a high stakes-high reward mentality who loves to roll the dice and take big chances.

And the victory in Super Bowl LVI is the clear result of his willingness to take those chances. Snead was the mastermind who engineered the team adding All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey. He was the engineer who added WR Odell Beckham Jr.. And he was the engineer who added All-Pro OLB Von Miller mid-season, a player who not only produced when the team needed it most, but who helped to amplify the raw destructive power of All-Pro DT Aaron Donald.

But 2024 revealed an entirely new strategy for this team's brain trust.