Rams ROI in these two rookies will pay out a sensational jackpot in 2024

NFL Combine, Braden Fiske, Jared Verse
NFL Combine, Braden Fiske, Jared Verse / Kara Durrette/GettyImages
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Synergy: How could the Rams quantify 2 Seminoles on this defense?

The ability to quantify the value of the Seminoles' synergy can certainly be debated. But let's consider the fact that the Rams had immediate experience in how well two defenders can amplify and uplift one another in their rookie season. In a NY Times redraft of the 2023 NFL Draft, NT Kobie Turner projected at 17th overall (he was selected 89th overall) and OLB Byron Young projected at 30th overall (he was selected 77th overall).

What that shows in plain sight is that the value of the pick used is entirely dependant upon the quality of the rookie prospect chosen. If you compare the value of picks used to select two rookies (350) versus the value of projected picks (1570), it's simple math to see just how much of a bargain the Rams made in the selection of two defenders.

Keep in mind that we have deliberately ignored the incredible value the Rams added with the selection of WR Puka Nacua to this roster with the 177th overall pick. Nacua was projected as the ninth overall player to be selected in the NY Times redraft, with a projected pick value of 1350 versus the value of the actual pick used to add him at 20.6.

Armed with this very relevant first-hand information, the front office has insider information that added a better method of assessing the value of picks used to retain two complementary defenders who shared great communication and chemistry. If the pair of Young and Turner held a post-draft value of 1570, shouldn't that be the value that the Rams front office would be willing to spend in the 2024 NFL Draft to add the pair?

The Rams spent the 19th overall (875) on Jared Verse, and then spent an equivalent of 790 to trade up to acquire DT Braden Fiske. The ultimate value of that trade package combined with the pick to add Verse? The draft value of picks spent by the Rams to acquire both Verse and Fiske come out to 1665. Ultimately, that is very close to the value of projecting the 2023 NFL draft all over again.

I don't believe the math in this case is random coincidence.