Rams ROI in these two rookies will pay out a sensational jackpot in 2024

NFL Combine, Braden Fiske, Jared Verse
NFL Combine, Braden Fiske, Jared Verse / Kara Durrette/GettyImages
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Rams strategy is too innovative to be quickly assessed

Rolling the dice is not something that every NFL GM is comfortable doing. But LA Rams GM Les Snead is as daring-do of an NFL general manager as they come. He is the NFL equivalent of Evil Knievel, the death-defying stuntman who could mesmerize observers with motorcycle stunts that defied logic and gravity itself.

Snead defies logic too.

As the team prepared for the 2024 NFL Draft, the need to instantly upgrade the defense was the undeniable goal. And if they had their pick-of-the-litter, the Florida State Seminoles defense was a perfect collegiate defense to focus on. The Seminoles' defense was the sixth-ranked defense in points allowed, and the third-ranked defense in terms of quarterback sacks. Best of all, this was a defense that only allowed 46.8 percent of passes thrown to find their target.

Between edge rusher Jared Verse (9.0 sacks, 41 tackles) and DT Braden Fiske (6.0 sacks, 43 tackles), the Rams had the chance to uproot and transplant a significant segment of that Seminoles defense onto their NFL roster.

If an NFL team had attempted to draft two teammates from the same college team on the same side of the football before, it escapes me right now. What impresses me most in how the front office swings at innovative strategies is the unique ways that they arrive at how to get there.

Of course, the strategy could backfire. We know that after the Rams made a ridiculously lucrative offer for Carolina Panthers OLB Brian Burns. After the Panthers rejected the offer, Burns' compensation demands skyrocketed, forcing the Panthers to trade Burns to the New York GIants for a fraction of the value offered by the Rams.

Will the Rams experience a similar reaction by Verse and Fiske after exerting so much effort to select both in the 2024 NFL Draft.