Rams ROI in these two rookies will pay out a sensational jackpot in 2024

NFL Combine, Braden Fiske, Jared Verse
NFL Combine, Braden Fiske, Jared Verse / Kara Durrette/GettyImages
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"Just make sure that they care"

The front office clearly invested far more into OLB Jared Verse and DT Braden Fiske than many expected. But for GM Les Snead, the two former Seminoles rookie prospects are far more valuable as a package deal than as separate players. As such, the increased value of completing the set justified the premium price paid to trade up for Fiske in Round 2 to complete the set.

Failure to do so would have been an unforgiveable mistake.

But unlike the reaction of Brian Burns, that extra effort by the Rams has translated already into extra effort by both players. If loyalty, passion, discipline, attitude, work-ethic, and grit were instantly measurable, then both Verse and Fiske would be burying the needle right now.

Aaron Donald had one criteria for the team as they embarked to restock their defense with young players:

"I will partner with anyone. Just make sure they care"

Aaron Donald

Even after retirement, Aaron Donald's words serve as a fitting legacy. Making sure they care has become embedded in the team's rookie selection in the past two draft classes, and is signified by the term 'North Star.'

The LA Rams return on investment (ROI) in these two rookies will pay out a sensational jackpot in 2024. How do I know this? Call it an educated hunch. Even as the forces of the NFL align to thwart the debut of both rookie defenders, keep in mind that they have been blessed with four things: They are incredibly talented rookies, they both have a passion and insatiable appetite to get better, they have access to some of the best coaches in the NFL, and they will certainly get plenty of opportunities to make plays this season.

The same forces aligned for the team in 2023, and produced OLB Byron Young and NT Kobie Turner to lead all rookies last season. In 2024, the same forces are at work with Jared Verse and Braden Fiske.

Grab the popcorn, because this is going to be a great season that you won't want to miss. And thanks for reading.