Rams rookie DB Tre Tomlinson's ugly tackle caps off LA Rams ugly loss

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos Tre Tomlinson, Marvin Mims Jr.
Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos Tre Tomlinson, Marvin Mims Jr. / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

You almost had to know that Game 3 of the LA Rams preseason was not going to go well. After all, the Rams progress so far has not exactly been trending in the right direction. Quite the opposite, if you are looking for an honest answer. It certainly did not help the cause when the LA Rams dressed but did not start many of the rookies and young players who are either expected to start for the Rams this season, or at least projected to contribute in a meaningful manner as a rotational player.

But that was not the case for LA Rams quite promising rookie defensive back Tre Tomlinson. Tomlinson was selected by the LA Rams in Round 6 of the 2023 NFL Draft, a shocking location for a skilled defensive back who was expected to come off the draft board much higher.

An ugly blemish to a beautiful preseason

And so far, Tomlinson has looked the part. But in Game 3 of the LA Rams preseason, Tre Tomlinson grabbed the facemask of Denver Broncos rookie WR Marvin Mims Jr., and bulldogged him down to the football field. And yes, it was both a dangerous and incredibly stupid play on his part:

That play resulted in an ejection for a flagrant foul, and tainted what was otherwise an impressive and promising preseason for the Rams rookie defensive back. And while that play is unlikely to derail Tomlinson's chances of making the Rams 53-man roster, it is one more blemish to what turned out to be a complete eyesore of an effort.

While the LA Rams hoped to show signs of progress and positive development, the third preseason game for this young Rams roster was a step in the wrong direction. The Rams defense allowed over 500 yards of offense, while the offense was shut out.

If the LA Rams coaching staff sought teachable moments, Game 3 certainly provided a complete PhD level of coursework to educate players. And while I love the upside of Rams defensive back Tre Tomlinson, he sure knew that grabbling and hanging onto a receivers facemask all the way down to the ground could result in a regrettable injury.

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As Pink Floyd said in their classic lyrics: "All in all it's just another Brick in the Wall."