Rams rookie TE Davis Allen isn't screwing around, he wants to play

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The LA Rams have seven tight ends on their roster. While that was not the plan through training camp, the Rams are clearly quite focused on the tight end position. Not only do I believe that the Rams will restore their 12-personnel packages that had been so effective in their offensive play book from the past, but the Rams are clearly interested in developing tight ends for the future.

And rookie tight end Davis Allen is perfectly positioned to answer many questions that the LA Rams have about the tight end position. The Rams have not found a true successor to their blocking tight end role since losing veteran TE Johnny Mundt to free agency. Since that time, the Rams seem to all but have abandoned the search, but perhaps Allen can prompt them into reclaiming that abandoned chapter from their offensive playbook?

Allen alert: He's good with or without the football

Unfortunately, he did not have the best of luck in training camp. Rookie tight end Davis Allen suffered a nagging hamstring injury, and he had to nurse that gingerly throughout training camp and through the first preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers:

The LA Rams will likely only carry two or three tight ends on the initial 53-man roster. And with the Rams holding both Tyler Higbee and Brycen Hopkins out of preseason games, the likelihood of the Rams adding Davis Allen to that 53-man roster is not looking good.

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The LA Rams have a difficult decision to make over which tight ends to keep on the Rams roster for the 2023 NFL season.

LA Rams rookie TE Davis Allen wants to play Rams football

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But it's not all over but the shouting just yet. The LA Rams had to envision the 2023 NFL season as a test bed for rookies who want to make the Rams roster so badly that they are not about to let the opportunity slip through their fingers. Of course, not every rookie on the Rams roster has the ability to fast track their way through the learning curve. But one rookie seems to have a knack for doing so.