Rams rookie TE Davis Allen isn't screwing around, he wants to play

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Davis Allen makes a statement: It ain't over yet

The LA Rams' offense may very well depend on finding a solid blocking tight end who can also catch the football. Still, the initial Rams depth chart does not hold much encouragement for the Rams rookie. With no more than two or three tight ends on the Rams roster, showing up as the fourth-string is the kiss of death to any hopes to make the Rams roster.

Well, not until you see the type of plays that the guy made in Game 2 of the 2023 preseason, which was his first action for the LA Rams. Like this circus catch:

Now, keep in mind that Davis Allen's forte was blocking, and that continues to be his wheel house. But he has those soft hands that makes a tight end so very dangerous after the catch. And standing 6-foot-6 and weighing in at 250 pounds, he is an ideal size to block at the line of scrimmage against even the most powerful defensive ends and outside linebackers.

Eight for eight

What the Rams desperately need from the tight end room is a solid blocking tight end who can catch the football. Thankfully, that is right in Davis Allen's wheel house. Take note of LA Rams head coach Sean McVay's post-game comments on Allen's performance. He not only cited the rookie tight end's ability to catch everything thrown his way, but also his ability to block and compete without the ball in his hands.

What should you make of that? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps the writing was on the wall all along. But I have to believe that blocking and catching everything thrown his way is worth more than just elevating his stock on the NFL Waiver Wire when roster cuts happen.