Rams rookie TE Davis Allen isn't screwing around, he wants to play

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Rams tight end room is really tight

The challenge for the LA Rams roster right now has more to do with strategy than practicality. You see, in spite of the fact that the Rams are likely only carrying two or three players on the roster, the Rams contracts for starting tight end Tyler Higbee and backup tight end Brycen Hopkins expire at the end of this season.

If the LA Rams do not extend either player, that turns the entire position over to newly acquired tight end Hunter Long, But Hunter Long has been sidelined for much of training camp and both preseason games so far due to a nagging groin injury. Until he suited up for the second preseason game, rookie tight end Davis Allen has been fighting through a hamstring injury. That is why the Rams' first preseason game featured tight ends Christian Sims and Camren McDonald. But the pair only connect once out of four passes thrown their way.

You can't ask for anything move from a rookie TE

That is what makes Davis Allen's debut so prominent. This is the tight end who was drafted to block. But what an eye opening performance. If he can block, and with his demonstrated ability to catch passes, can the LA Rams really afford to risk sliding him over to the practice squad? After all, we know that the Rams continue to believe in backup tight end Brycen Hopkins, but continue to be disappointed in his ability to be productive when the NFL season starts.

If the LA Rams are truly aiming at competing for the NFL Playoffs next season, their decision is clear. Put TE Brycen Hopkins on the trade block now in hopes of landing a blocker gobbler defensive lineman or a young but effective pass rusher. The future belongs to the young and the bold, and Davis Allen appears to be the future for the Rams.

How good can this LA Rams team be in 2023? If the Rams knowingly have adopted a design to ramp up their competitiveness for the 2024 NFL season, then they should commit lock, stock, and barrel to developing and playing rookie tight end Davis Allen.

The LA Rams have giving veteran tight end Brycen Hopkins plenty of chances. Perhaps it's time to give a chance to a new and promising NFL talent?