Rams roster: Does waiving bye to 1 pave the way to sign 1 of 3 astonishing free agents?

 Richard LeCounte III Los Angeles Rams
Richard LeCounte III Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

If you were thinking that the LA Rams would show a ton of patience for players competing for a roster spot, the most recent move to tighten up the Rams roster will blow that theory right out of the water. If you need proof, consider the first preseason game for Rams defensive back Richard LeCounte III. Or, more accurately, former Rams DB Richard LeCounte III:

LeCounte got a lot of work in the Rams' first preseason game, putting in 29 defensive snaps and six special team snaps. But he struggled in pass coverage in the first preseason game, a lot. And against players on the LA Chargers roster who were at an equivalent talent lever, Richard LeCounte III was burned badly.

So the LA Rams had clearly seen enough and made an almost instant decision to part ways with the veteran safety. But is this merely a move that will have another follow-up move? Let's pause one moment and take a look at the NFL Waiver Wire to see if there is anyone whose availability could have triggered the Rams roster into instant action.

III: DB Duron Lowe

If you recall, the LA Rams trialed defensive back Duron Lowe in 2022, but he did not make the team's final roster cuts. Since that time, he had signed on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before he was just waived a day ago.

And he did put up some positive plays for the LA Rams last season.

At 5-foot-10 and 190 pounds, I don't think that if the LA Rams sign him now, he fights for a spot on the team's 53-man roster. But he could become a solid strategic player to develop on the Rams practice squad.

II: NT Robert Cooper

If the lack of a stiff run defense has some fans scrambling for answers early in the preseason. But the rival Seattle Seahawks just released 6-foot-2 335-pound nose tackle Robert Cooper. Now, wouldn't it just make sense for the LA Rams to give serious consideration to adding him to their defensive front?

Is he worth taking a looking at? Watch this interview, and you decide:

If you are looking for a meaningful pass rush, then Robert Cooper is not your guy. But if you want an immovable object in the middle of the LA Rams defensive front, then Cooper could be an ideal additions to the Rams roster, even at this late juncture.

If you have already concluded that the LA Rams defensive front is too light to get the job done, then the solution just showed up on the NFL Waiver Wire. Robert Cooper is a seasoned NT. I think he would be a solid acquisition

I: LB Mykal Walker

It's not often that a team can place a waiver claim inthe month of August with the expectation of landing an NFL starting caliber player, but when the Atlanta Falcons waive ILB MyKal Walker, that is what they created for the LA Rams.

Walker is a 6-foot-3 230-pound powerhouse who is entering his fourth and final season on his rookie contract. He has already appeared in 49 NFL games, and started 20 of those contests. So he is truly a seasoned veteran. So far in his career he has racked up 189 tackles, three interceptions, one quarterback sack, four quarterback hits, and five tackles for a loss.

While not excellent in pass coverage, he certainly could prove to be a very effective two-down linebacker. If nothing else, he would make an ideal ILB to back up starter Ernest Jones.

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I have to admit, when I started this article, I was skeptical over the LA Rams chances of adding anyone this late in the game who could make any different at all. But researching this one has changed my outlook. How about you? Do you see anyone who has promise? Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page.

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