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What I love about this pick

If you want the LA Rams secondary to be a bit more aggressive in 2023, then the team landed the right guy for the job in Tomlinson. Unlike his Rams counterparts, Tomlinson was his most dangerous when he played press man coverage, and that showed up time and time again in his ability to break up short and intermediate routes on pass plays.

What I find even more encouraging in his reaction to being selected by the Rams organization. While he was clearly disappointed in falling to Round 6, his statement is more focused on repaying the Rams trust in him. That screams 'We" over 'Me" to me.

There is a lot to be said about what a player is capable of. But what about what they can do? For that I turn to former Ramblin Fan contributor and his impressive assessment of what Tre Tomlinson brings to the LA Rams defense:

It's quite clear that Tre Tomlinson is a perfect rookie for returning Defensive Backs Coach Aubrey Pleasant. Pleasant loves aggressive play in the Rams secondary, and Tomlinson loves to engage receivers early and stick to them like Velcro.

What are his chances of making the roster?

He is behind second-year Derion Kendrick, who remains out with a hamstring injury. With that, you could look for Tre Tomlinson to start for the Rams defense on opening day. He is a sure-fire lock to make the Rams 53-man roster. In fact, I'd say that his chances of starting in Game 1 could be 50/50 or better.

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I believe that he will have his chance to start for the Rams at some point in the 2023 NFL season. And when that happens, I believe that he will play so well that it will be very difficult for another player to unseat him from that starting role.