Rams Roster: Fast 40+ LA Rams roster roundup DL Kobie Turner (#3)

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Kobie Turner / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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With the loss in the 2023 NFL Free Agency market of both NT Greg Gaines and DL A'Shawn Robinson, the LA Rams were not only committing the defense to new and unchartered waters. This move unsured a great deal of uncertainty moving forward, as both veterans were known for their ability to play superb defense to stop the run.

That still seems like a risky direction to take as the NFL may be moving away from valuing the contribution of running backs. But the rebirth of an effective rushing attack is beginning. And the LA Rams already know this

It was disappointing in the 2022 NFL season as the Rams defense began to fall to the same injury epidemic as the one that claimed so many offensive linemen and forced them to the bench. The Rams defensive front lost the services of All-Pro Aaron Donald, veteran defensive end A'Shawn Robinson, and was still called upon to answer the bell each week.

Rams roster is rookieville

But through all of the adversity, and the rising frustrations of the Rams fans, the defense never stopped trying. Yes, nobody embraced the deep cushions given by young and inexperienced defensive backs to receivers, but the Rams did not lay down and play dead. Even after the season was long over for the team, the LA Rams continued to compete.

Now the Rams may not have an option to lean on veteran leadership. In the case of the Rams defense, the team has veteran All-Pro Aaron Donald back to full strength. But beyond him, this is a young and energetic Rams roster that hopes to make a play with every snap of the football.

From this fountain of youth, the LA Rams defensive line must stitch together players of diverse ranges of experience. Much like a quilt, the hope is that by blending the wisdom and consistency of veteran players with the enthusiasm and energy of young players, the Rams defense will surprise opponents with an ability to blanket receivers, smother rushers, and heat up their chances of winning.