Rams Roster: Fast 40+ LA Rams roster roundup IOL Sean Maginn (#22)

Wake Forest Sean Maginn
Wake Forest Sean Maginn / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

The LA Rams' depth for the offensive linemen room had been depleted both by injury and the attrition that takes place with the expiration of contracts. Sadly, I believed that a number of veterans truly stepped in and stepped up for the Rams roster in the 2022 NFL season. But their contracts expired, so the Rams will be turning to new faces. One such rookie arrival is center Sean Maginn. a young man who is in a race against time to do enough to get noticed by the Rams coaching staff, in a good way.

A quick summary

The LA Rams appeared to be particularly focused on deepening their roster at the offensive center position. In 2022, the Rams roster was hit hard by injuries, and that was further complicated by a cockeyed plan to have the starting right guard serve as the backup center (how does that work in any argument?). So the Rams appear to be out to abolish any overlap of starting offensive linemen who are also tasked with backing up another key position.

What I don't like about this signing

The LA Rams need to get some quality play out of the offensive line in the 2023 NFL season, and while I believe that IOL Sean Maginn could deliver given enough time, coaching, and patience, I'm not convinced that the LA Rams have enough time to spare.

Even if the LA Rams do work with Maginn, will that be enough to keep him around? I'm not sure that it will unless the team is truly objective and does not have that veteran bias that was less than desired in 2022.

What I like about this signing

Did you realize that Sean Maginn hails from the same Alma Mater as DL Kobie Turner and ILB Ryan Smenda Jr., both of whom were added to the Rams roster this year? Clearly, the Rams front office loved the Wake Forest football program this year, and have invested in three prospects from the same rookie class.

Maginn is a 6-foot-3 298-pound althletic offensive center. Unlike those huge bodied linemen who act like wrecking balls, the smaller and more athletic linemen operate more like battering rams, hammering against defenders until the play is blown dead. That takes some getting used to, but it allows that lineman to take on additional defenders downfield.

Here is Sean Maginn's interview after his Pro Day workout.

He gives a good and thoughtful interview. I like that in offensive linemen.

What I love about this signing

Offensive linemen are seldom touted as highly athletic, but interior offensive lineman Sean Maginn could change that tradition. His RAS score was a pleasant surprise, particularly when you consider that his height and weight RAS scores would be extremely limiting.

He has plenty of athleticism, and plenty of reason to feel optimistic. He is considered an offensive center on the LA Rams roster, but is an interior offensive lineman who can play all three interior positions. Think of him as a younger Coleman Shelton.

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What are his chances of making the roster?

In terms of the 53-man roster, I can't see it. He simply has too much work to accomplish to earn a starting role on this team. But I think he may have a decent enough shot of earning a spot on the Rams practice squad. I like Sean Maginn, and believe that he has an NFL career ahead of him. I hope the LAR Rams agree.