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The LA Rams pass rush was a huge concern in the 2022 NFL season. It was so concerning that the Rams front office parted ways with all veteran outside linebackers on the Rams roster save one, outside linebacker Leonard Floyd. Well, that was only a temporary reprieve, as the Rams released Floyd in the 2023 offseason.

That left the Rams outside linebacker room stripped of any and all veteran leadership at the position. Yes, the team had the return of rookies Daniel Hardy, Keir Thomas, and Zach VanVulkenberg to work with. And the team had the return of versatile defensive tackle turned outside linebacker Michael Hoecht to help put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. But the team made no bones about it. The Rams shopped for pass rushers in the 2023 NFL Draft.

A quick summary

The LA Rams needed to hit a true starter at the outside linebacker position with their first selection for that position in the 2023 NFL Draft, and the team feels that University of Tennessee outside linebacker Byron Young delivers exactly that. He is a 6-foot-2 250-pound Tazmanian Devil off the edge, and he has the ability to get small and pivot those hairpin corners that are the trademarks of some of the NFL's finest pass rushers.

When it comes to the story of how he made it to the NFL, Byron Young's tale is one for the history books.

What I don't like about this signing

The truth is that there is little not to like about this signing, so let's begin by stating the obvious. Though a rookie, outside linebacker Byron Young has tremendous pressure to perform well for the LA Rams defense this season. That's hardly fair to a guy who was once a manager at Dollar General.

And that leads me to the next area of concern. At 25 years old, Byron Young is the same age at veteran outside linebacker Michael Hoecht. In fact, he and Hoecht are tied for the oldest players at the OLB position for the Rams. That comes with its own set of unique risks, even though the selection was the 77th over pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

What I like about this signing

If you think about it, the greatest challenge facing whoever lines up as a starter for the LA Rams defense opposite veteran OLB Michael Hoecht will face huge amount of pressure. So the Rams will need someone who not only can play the position well, but who possesses the maturity to handle all of the changes of being a rookie in the NFL.

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Rookie Byron Young has that level of maturity. Better still, he has all of the foundational skills to excel in the NFL if he continues to work hard and put in the effort. That should not be anything new for Young, who developed quickly off the street through two years at JUCO level of football and all the way to dominate the SEC.

What I loves about this signing

There is always the comparison of where a rookie was selected versus where NFL scouts and analysts projected a player to be selected, but there is no doubt that the Rams drafted Byron Young later than many draft experts expected him to be available.

He has all the makings to be an explosive and disruptive force for the Rams defense. That's great for his potential, but what of the moment when the rubber hits the pavement?

During an interview of Inside Rams Camp, starting inside linebacker Ernest Jones sat down to talk about the LA Rams training camp and who is standing out so far training camp. He talked about two players: Rookie DB Tre Tomlinson and rookie OLB Byron Young.

Young is going to have a lot of eyes on him, but look for him to put up some plays worthy of a highlight reel.

What are his chances of making the roster?

It's a lock. He is going to be assured of making the LA Rams 53 man roster, and is the odds-on favorite to land the starting outside linebacker job opposite Michael Hoecht. But even if and when he locks up a starting role, the Rams use a steady rotation of pass rushers to ensure players stay fresh throughout the game.

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Young will need to maintain his intensity, effectiveness, and productivity, to ensure that he remains atop the food chain on the LA Rams roster.