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When the LA Rams flipped from the 2022 season to enter the 2023 offseason, one of the areas of concern for the Rams roster was the depth and range of players at the running back position. Despite the fact that the Rams had opted to part ways with change-of-pace running back Darrell Henderson Jr, the Rams' offense clearly needed to reenergize a running attack that had wilted over years of neglect.

And so, the Rams selection of Ole Miss running back Zach Evans was a welcome but hoped for surprise. The Rams ground game had fallen upon the legs of RB Cam Akers, Kyren Williams, and Ronnie Rivers, and the truth is that the Rams mini-centric fixation on smaller backs offered little hope for a physical rushing offense this season.

A quick summary

With the selection of 5-foot-11 202-pound rookie running back Zach Evans, the LA Rams showed their first sign of what may be an entire renaissance of the LA Rams rushing attack. While it was a small matter to select a rookie who was projected as high as an early Day 2 selection, but who fell to the LA Rams late in Day 3, the addition of Evans was the first of many signs that the Rams would give to suggest that the ground game is back.

What I don't like about this pick

Like many rookie selections, I don't want to be toyed with. The truth is that I really love the upside for RB Zach Evans in the Rams offense, but with a small army of rookies added to the roster, a trio of veterans already aboard (and more on the way), there are as many reasons why a Round 6 running back ends up not making the final roster cuts as making the team. So why not add a defensive back or linebacker who have a better shot of contribution on special teams as well?

What I like about this pick

The LA Rams love to involve their running backs in so many ways, and rookie rusher Zach Evans has the resume to fulfill any and all wishes. Evans can rush between the tackles for tough yards, attack the perimeter for huge gains, and can even be a rather dangerous weapon in the passing game as an overlooked receiver.

The value of any player added to the Rams roster is what they will ultimately deliver, and the opportunity for an early season impact for Evans may be limited. But if he gets aligned quickly with the Rams offense and he gets his opportunities, Zach Evans could be a solid contributor out of the gate.

What I love about this pick

If and when you examine the LA Rams roster, the 2024 NFL season running back room looks to be a bit vacant. Well, if it all comes down to Zach Evans, he seems to be the type of player who could flourish in this offense.

Zach Evans has unbridled athleticism. In many positions on the football field, track and field measurable do not exactly translate well. But at the running back position, athleticsim that involves speed, agility, duration, strength, and durability all offer solid insight into just how effective that player could perform on the football field. And with Rams rookie running back Zach Evans, he has scored very well at raw athleticism:

So it comes down to the Rams depth chart. Right now, he stands at the bottom of the pile. That does not bode well for his chances of making this roster, which is disappointing.

What are his chances of making the roster?

When he was selected, I was hopeful that he would earn a spot on the Rams 53-man roster. But after nearly no news out of the Rams training camp and his appearance at the bottom of the pile, I fear he has an uphill battle to even make the Rams practic squad. We'll know if he gets some carries in preseason games whether he has a chance of sticking round.

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He has a 50/50 shot of making the Rams practice squad roster right now.