Rams Roster: Fast 40+ LA Rams roster roundup S Jason Taylor II (#13)

NFL Combine Jason Taylor II
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The Rams' preseason starts today, August 12, 2023, as the LA Rams host the LA Chargers in a game in which the Rams roster will seem a bit unfamiliar and awkward to everyone. Of course, when the team adds 40+ new rookies to the Rams roster, that is bound to happen.

An area where we will see the most number of new and unfamiliar faces will undoubtedly be the LA Rams secondary, a unit that experienced the loss of all four 2022 season starters through either trades or attrition. As a result, the Rams' draft added two DBs, and then many more DBs after the draft. The second rookie defensive back added was Oklahoma State safety Jason Taylor II. Let's do a quick review of what he brings to the table.

A quick summary

The Rams did not add a safety to the Rams roster until Round 7 of the 2023 NFL Draft, While a rather robust rookie class, the late selection appears to be more for depth at the position than an immediate impact player. Oklahoma State defensive back Jason Taylor II is certainly the right fit in terms of dimensions, standing 6-foot-0 and weighing 204 pounds. But he is a bit raw, which creates its own set of problems for the Rams coaching staff trying to absorb a huge rookie class into the Rams roster this offseason.

What I don't like about this pick

The LA Rams lost two starters in offseason, and were only able to add one safety late in Round 7. While the Rams did draft two rookies the previous season, the secondary feels like a weak unit for the Rams defense early in the season until some of the younger guys get up to speed. Jason Taylor II has the right mindset to flourish in the NFL, but he has a long punch list of areas to correct.

With so many rookies and one year returning players on the Rams roster, will Taylor realize his NFL potential? Or will he wilt due to too little coaching and too few opportunities?

What I like about this pick

Although he arrived late to the party, Jason Taylor II brings a lot of positive qualities that bodes well for a starving Rams roster. For starters, he has great speed and an ability to leap that grades very high for his positional group. With those talents in his utility belt, he becomes quite the nuisance in pass coverage as he can stick with his receiver, close on the ball, and time his jump to deflect the pass from even the tallest outstretched arms.

Because he is a solid build, he can step into the box and play a LB/DB role in nickel and dime packages on passing downs.

What I love about this pick

The LA Rams will not outmuscle or outmaneuver opposing offenses in 2023. So, the Rams will need to perfect a bend not break defense. With Jason Taylor II, the Rams' defense can do exactly that. This young man was projected as an early Day 3 prospect due to the fact that he is a true cutpurse in the secondary.

In his last season of NCAA football, Taylor put up six interceptions. That's exactly what this team needs from the safety position this season:

And with the unexpected return of veteran John Johnson III to the Rams roster, a mentor to former Rams safeties Taylor Rapp and Nick Scott, Jason Taylor II's upside just leveled up. He appears to be the fifth safety on the initial LA Rams depth chart, so he will make the team's roster in some capacity.

What are his chances of making the roster?

The Rams will certainly want to have Jason Taylor in the mix. But will he start the season on the initial 53-man roster or on the practice squad? I think he will need to shine like the sun to earn a spot on the 53-man roster. But with three preseason games, he could do it.

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I will say that he starts the regular season on the Rams practice squad, but look for him to be called up to the 53-man roster before mid-season. He has serious upside, and this Rams roster needs all of the upside it can muster.