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What I don't like about this signing

The challenge with drafting rookies to play on the Rams roster is very much akin to shopping sales and buying bargain-priced items because the price is irresistibly cheap. But then, after arriving home, the merchandise is stored in a closet in its original package and never heard from again.

The Rams have done that frequently in recent years, adding a promising young wide receiver to the roster, and then letting them collect dust while the team continues to start and rotate in a small number of receivers in the offense. Will rookie WR Puka Nacua break that habit? We can only hope so.

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But more importantly, Nacua's scores on his raw athleticism do not compare favorably to other wide receivers. That does not mean that he cannot get the job done. It simply means that he will need to work that much harder to achieve results.

When taken in the context of a professional athlete playing in the NFL, it means that the Rams will need to pay close attention to what they are asking from Nacua in the offense. He may need to be featured in specific plays designed to help him create separation without a strong dependence on things he cannot do as well as others.

With a number of receivers waiting in the wings, does Puka Nacua add more to the Rams roster at the wide receiver position than another player would have added to the overall roster at another position? This time it could very well prove to be the case, but in the past, the Rams have had blinders on in their zest to add receivers, and had missed out on incredible opportunities to upgrade at a different position.