Rams Roster: Fast 40+ Rams roster roundup: CB Tyon Davis (#33)

Tulsa Tyon Davis
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There are many young rookie prospects who wanted to end up on an NFL roster, but were not added to an NFL roster, just yet. That is not due to a lack of opportunity given by the LA Rams, as the Rams roster has added 40 rookies and have room to add more.

Each player who has made the leap from college to the NFL already is newsworthy. Whether due to amazing college production or incredible athleticism, each rookie has gotten to the NFL. From there, it's up to them to earn their roster spot, playing time, and establish their NFL career.

The LA Rams are not quite to the point of a 90-man roster, but they are getting closer to a full house. One of the areas of focus for the Rams front office has been the team's secondary. Since the Rams have almost no seasoned veteran to speak of, this team is prepared to go young for the 2023 NFL season. Rookie DB Tyon Davis is one rookie competing for a roster spot.

A quick summary

If you want a highlight reel, glowing reviews of a rookie defensive back who is a sure-fire prospect who can deliver on Day 1, keep looking. That is not to say that Tyon Davis is not worth getting to know. He most certainly is. But due to the fact that he was lightly scouted and not highly regarded, those nuggets of golden information about him are buried in internet silt, and you have to pan and swirl to uncover shiny facts about him. So what have we learned?

What I don't like about this signing

The truth is that Tyon Davis is a defensive back that not only was not heavily recruited, but he is not especially athletic. That is not to say that he is a 98-pound weakling found in the Atlas Gym ads, but he has to compete with other rookies who may have an edge in their ability to run faster, jump higher, and fend off blockers more easily.

Okay, so his RAS score is not impressive. What else do I have?

What I like about this signing

The truth is, I was not overly optimistic about Tyon Davis' chances to impress the coaching staff enough to be in the running. Well, until I saw his college stats, that is. For two years of his college career, Tyon Davis was a rotational defensive back. But he was called to start in his final two seasons, and he certainly made the most of it.

In his last two seasons, this young man played in 25 games, recorded 99 tackles, three tackles for a loss, two interceptions, three forced fumbles, and three fumble recoveries. But what I like most is his 22 passes defensed over two seasons. That is a defensive back who is working on the football field. The LA Rams website lists him as 6-foot-0 and 180 pounds, which is a fair size to compete in the NFL as a cornerback.

What I love about this signing

When you have a rookie who is not especially athletic, but is still productive in college football, you have to look for the little things. Tyon Davis is a master class case study of a player who does all of the little things to succeed in the secondary. If you had to design a player who will succeed in DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant's secondary, you would list many of the attributes of Tyon Davis.

I love the fact that as he wraps up a receiver, he has an instinctive knack for punching down on the football, trying to force a fumble. I love the fact that he has a knack for being involved in turning points in a game. He's just one of those players who knows his job and performs without the accolades and the confetti. He has his head in the game on every play, knowing what the down and distance dictate to the offense, and using that situation to adapt his defensive strategy.

What are his chances of making the roster?

The competition for a roster spot in the Rams secondary will be incredibly fierce. Unfortunately, most of the qualities that distinguish Tyon Davis from his peers will only show up in pads and will start to separate him from the field in game-like action. I didn't start this article expecting to believe in Tyon Davis, but I do now.

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Like he said in this interview, he loves to compete. He graduated in 2022 with a degree in Business Management, and after college hopes to get involved in the business side of a professional sports team. I'm hoping that his business career is put on hold for awhile. I do like what I have learned about this young man, and hope you do too.