Rams Roster: Fast 40+ Rams roster roundup: WR Sam James (#29)

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With so many new faces joining the LA Rams roster simultaneously, it's tough to avoid the Baskin Robbins effect. In essence, psychological studies have proven that when people are given a binary choice of getting something or not, they are quite happy to get something, anything. But with the more options people face, the happiness index erodes rapidly, as the choices are too many and that triggers far too much second guessing.

That is part of the challenge with singling out individual rookes on the LA Rams roster who did not hear their name called out during the 2023 NFL Draft. In a field of 25+ prospects, how can they distinguish themselves, stand out in training camp from the rest, at a time when the coaching staff is still learning their names and making introductions?

Through it all, we are left wondering who from among the up to 90 players who will compete for playing time in training camp will earn one of the coveted 53-man slots on the initial Rams roster. We have quite a few players to cover, so what should you know about rookie WR Sam James?

A quick summary

For starters, WR Sam James hails out of the West Virginia Mountaineers, he is a 6-foot-0 176-pound wide receiver with play-making ability. But truthfully, what that means is that he will need to make plays, and plenty of them, to get the attention of the LA Rams coaches this year. Can he do it? If the stars align, yes. But this young man will need skill and luck to stick with the Rams this season.

What I don't like about this signing

The odds of making the roster for an undrafted receiver are never particularly promising, but considering that the team just added veteran WR Tyler Johnson, the chances of claiming a roster spot shrink drastically. Are there other positions in need of more vigorous competition? Probably so. And that is why the Rams may not have much to offer Sam James regarding an opportunity to realize his dream of an NFL career.

What I like about this signing

While he may not have great odds of making the Rams roster, he still has a chance. He may be bit light at 176 pounds, but 6-foot-0 is certainly enough height to be a factor in an NFL offense. And if you base your opinion solely on this Pro Football Network draft profile, you would be very optimistic about his chances.

Sam James caught 190 passes for 2,229 yards and 15 touchdowns for West Virginia. That is impressive production, and if the Rams can tap him for similar type of offense in the NFL, he will be a nice addition to the roster.

What I love about this signing

If you are worried about the fact that the LA Rams do not have a return specialist on the roster, then look no further than Sam James. James returned 26 kickoffs at West Virginia for 487 yards. If he can deliver for the Rams' special teams in the return game, he has a real shot

His freshman season in 2022 was arguably his freshman season, when he displayed the ability to catch passes and run the type of jet sweeps that the Rams love to run with speedy receivers.

In the end, will he show enough for the Rams this season? That's a huge question, isn't it?

What are his chances of making the roster?

His best chance is to show up on both offense and as a competent kick returner. As long as he flashes enough NFL potential, the Rams could be compelled to keep him on the practice squad to develop further, and to serve as an emergency player to come aboard if the Rams need another receiver or return specialist.

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Preseason games will be vital for Sam James this season. Until then, keep his name on your radar.