Rams roster: Silver linings for LA Rams recent release of 2 rookies

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How to interpret DB Collin Duncan's release

The LA Rams signed a huge number of defensive backs, knowing that the most effective way to ensure that this team emerges with a suitable secondary is simply to cast a large net. Then, after working with players, the Rams coaching staff can get a feel of who may hold true potential, and who is not yet ready to step up to the next level just yet.

We featured Collin Duncan in an article recently, and in that expose I stated that he had to show a lot to make the LA Rams roster. Because he stands 6-foot-0 and weighs 197 pounds, he possesses the right-sized frame to get the job done in the NFL. But we had our concerns too. He seemed to have plateaued already, a challenge to a young man who needed to showcase rapid improvement, or some other way to stand out among the very crowded Rams secondary.

Duncan was a long shot to make the LA Rams roster because he was not as distinguishable from any added rookie. That is not to say that he has no NFL future, nor that he would not flourish on another team. But the LA Rams, particularly the LA Rams secondary, are under huge pressure to construct an NFL secondary out of an AKEA furniture package that the coaching staff must build to order.

That means less patience, less one-on-one attention, and worst of all, a succinct assessment process that began from the moment that the rookies arrived. For some, that's just how they want it to be. Pressure packed training forges a pressure-immune player.

But for safety Collin Duncan, it means that he will need to put his dreams and aspirations to compete in the NFL on hold once more.