Rams roster will need Brink's truck to afford extensions for future stars

Kyren Williams, Kaylee Hartung, Puka Nacua,  Los Angeles Rams
Kyren Williams, Kaylee Hartung, Puka Nacua, Los Angeles Rams / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Puka's payday is coming too

Of course, we cannot discuss future contracts without at least glancing to the next contract for WR Puka Nacua. As of right now, he is entering the second year of his rookie contract. He is under that rookie contract through 2026. What are NFL wide receivers making right now in terms of fair market value? Let's take a look:

Wow, that's a bit of an eye opener, isn't it? So why start talking about this now? We have years to learn and money to burn until the Rams front office must scramble to find the funds to pay these two young offensives stars, right? Well, time flies when you are having fun.

There is a lot of football to be played over the next three seasons. And while it may jack up the price of his next contract, there is every reason to believe that Puka Nacua can remain a top-tier NFL wide receiver over the next three seasons. After all, he shocked the nation by setting rookie receiver records. Is there anyone who believes he will fade into insignificance in the future?

With that being said, it's not going out on a limb to project WR Puka Nacua's next contract to come in over $30 million per year in 2027, and due to the rapid rate of inflation at the wide receiver position, that could approach $40+ million. Just as a point of reference, the 2024 cap hit for starting quarterback Matthew Stafford clocks in at $49.5 million in 2026. So how can this team afford future salaries of current offensive stars?