Rams roster will need Brink's truck to afford extensions for future stars

Kyren Williams, Kaylee Hartung, Puka Nacua,  Los Angeles Rams
Kyren Williams, Kaylee Hartung, Puka Nacua, Los Angeles Rams / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Rams may be addicted to NFL Drafts going forward

So what are we looking at for the team going forward? Well, it's simply a topic of contemplation. After all, the team crushed the 2023 NFL Draft in a big way, and the 'feel' of the 2024 NFL Draft is pretty optimistic at an early point in time as well. With each new draft class, this team gets a new busload of talented and inexpensive players to compete for significant playing time and to ensure that the 53-man Rams roster consistently comes in under the annual salary cap.

It's clear that the team has done a pretty good job of generating elite players in-house, something that has been a trademark for the team in past Super Bowl runs. It was 2017 NFL Draft rookie WR Cooper Kupp who was the team's MVP in Super Bowl LVI. Now, the team has rising young stars like Puka Nacua and Kyren Williams to power them to perhaps another Super Bowl appearance this year.

But to do so, the team will need tremendous contributions from this year's rookie draft class as well. Players like RB Blake Corum, WR Jordan Whittington, and from the defensive side of the football like OLBs Jared Verse and Brennan Jackson, DTs Braden Fiske and Tyler Davis, and even DB Kamren Kinchens.

As long as this team drafts early and drafts well, the annual salary cap and roster building process could become self-sustaining. Wise selections in the draft create competent NFL starters who attract solid offers in the NFL free agency market with triggers the NFL algorithm to award future compensatory draft picks with lead to more wise selections in the next NFL Draft.

In the past, the Rams used picks to acquire game-changing talent to help the team win now. But with the latest draft success, it seems as though the Rams have found the balance to adding players who can win now, but who play under inexpensive contracts for four seasons.

It does appear as though the Rams roster will need a Brink's truck to afford extensions for future stars. But as long as the team finds success in adding future starters via the draft, it will all work out perfectly fine.

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