Rams rumored to interview seasoned veteran positional coach. Here's what we know:

Greg Williams, Rasul Douglas, Green Bay Packers
Greg Williams, Rasul Douglas, Green Bay Packers / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The LA Rams search to fill a number of coaching vacancies continues, While we may not be getting reports from sources on each and every interview, we will highlight the candidates that do surface, and will try to share enough details about them to give you a reasonable and objective means to form your own opinion.

The Rams have lost an extensive array of promising young coaches, each of which were pre-welcomed back by Head Coach Sean McVay. But loyalties can multiply, and a chance for promotion is not ignored easily in the NFL. Decline for the wrong fit or the wrong timing, and a rising star among NFL coaches could be branded as someone who is not ready for the next level.

One of the most attractive qualities of joining Coach McVay's staff is the fact that it is a logical next step for those coaches who do seek promotion and advancement quickly among the ranks. It is that 'up and out' that has led us to this point in time. Which is?

Well, the 'Now hiring' sign is up in the office window once more. While the team has filled the DC and DL positions, there are many more to go, and that is what this article is about.

The latest report concerns the team's interview to fill their vacated LB coach position. Per CBS NFL Insider Jonathan Jones, the team has conducted an interview with Green Bay Packers Defensive Backs Coordinator Greg Williams. So what can we tell you about him?

For starters, the Green Bay Packers have a new defensive coordinator, Jeff Haffle,y, who has dismissed both Greg Williams and Kirk Olivadotti from the staff. So what tidbits can we share about Greg Williams?