Rams rumored to interview seasoned veteran positional coach. Here's what we know:

Greg Williams, Rasul Douglas, Green Bay Packers
Greg Williams, Rasul Douglas, Green Bay Packers / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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V: He has coached some NFL stars

You may be shocked to learn that Coach Williams coached former Rams DB Eric Weddle when they were on the San Diego Chargers, and helped coach Weddle to two consecutive seasons that resulted in Pro Bowl honors. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Coach Williams worked with Cardinals star DB Patrick Peterson and Dre Kirkpatrick.

While is appears that the Rams will not be harnessing Coach Williams in overseeing the secondary directly, it does create the potential for positive synergy when drawing up defensive schemes. And it could most definitely be viewed as a strong positive on the coaching staff to have a coach whos background intersects both linebackers and defensive backs, much like the team's new DC, Chris Shula.

Vi: He got his coaching start at the YMCA

Sometimes the best aspects of any coaching career are the stories that reveal what prompted that coach to undertake that profession in the first place. The career of Coach Greg Williams is quite fun to read. He resided in Arizona in the early 2000s when he noticed a YMCA track under his windshield wiper. That flyer sought adults to try their hand at coaching boys. And so, Greg Williams tried his hand:

"I was like - I have got nothing to do.- I went over there and coached a 9-, 10- and 11-year-old basketball team at the Y(MCA) in Tempe, Arizona. After I did that, I said- I found what I wanted to do. I still have the plaque of the team picture at home."

Greg Williams

That taste of coaching was all that was needed. By 2003, he was a coaching intern at Arizona State University. He rose through the college coaching ranks up to and including 2008 as a graduate assistant coach with the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.