Rams Rumors: Are 3 of the NFLs hottest coaches in Rams sights to fill vacancies?

The LA Rams coaching staff has been raided by other NFL teams once more. But is there twist this year? Could the LA Rams have 3 of the NFLs hottest coaches in their sights to fill coaching vacancies in 2024?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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The LA Rams have lost a significant number of coaches this year, many of whom were lured away for a chance to join former DC Raheem Morris as he creates his own LA Rams-East version of his transplanted coaches for the Atlanta Falcons. It's a situation that has frustrated some fans and compelled others to shrug their shoulders, as it appears to be a perennial event.

Still, the team is very resilient and has found ways to convert the challenges of the annual vacancies in the coaching staff into gateways to add new perspectives and voices to the organization. And in an NFL world that creates so many speed bumps for successful teams in an effort to restore competitive parity, the team proved beyond the shadow of a doubt in that ongoing debate among NFL fans: Does quality coaching trump quality talent?

And yet, even as the organization has become the epicenter of coaching talent when hiring new faces, and the incubator of coaching talent for other NFL team's to pick at to create their own winning cultures, is there a finite limit to how often the team has attract new talent to replace the old? And in the annual repetition of restocking the coaching staff, does the very nature of bringing in new talent deplete the talent pool of the coaching staff?

After all, wasn't that part of the challenge to the 2022 NFL season? Beyond the injuries, the young players on the roster had stopped developing to the point to where when their opportunity to shine finally arrived, they simply could not answer the bell.

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