Rams Rumors: Are 3 of the NFLs hottest coaches in Rams sights to fill vacancies?

The LA Rams coaching staff has been raided by other NFL teams once more. But is there twist this year? Could the LA Rams have 3 of the NFLs hottest coaches in their sights to fill coaching vacancies in 2024?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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Hot Coach II: A perfect replacement LB Coach

It's hard to even mention the name of Coach Mike Vrabel and not follow it with the Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans. But that chapter of his life is now over, what would make sense as the next interim job? After all, it's clear that his name will pop to the front of the short list of head coaching candidates for the 2025 offseason, no matter how he spends the next season.

The thing is, coaches coach. And it just so happens that Mike Vrabel, as big and as tough as they come, was a linebacker position coach before assuming a head coach role of the Tennessee Titans. How great would it be for both the LA Rams and Coach Vrabel to hire him as the next linebacker coach for the team. He not only would be a game-changing replacement for new defensive coordinator Chris Shula, but his very presence on the Rams coaching staff would bring abundant knowledge and experience to the defensive side of the ball.

When DC Raheem Morris accepted the head coaching job for the Atlanta Falcons, he took all of his knowledge and experience with him. That same depletion of knowledge, experience, and passion happened when DL Coach Eric Henderson accepted a new role with the USC Trojans football program. The addition of Coach Vrabel would turn the lights back on the marquee of the coaching staff, and would certainly add a bit of mystery and intrigue to any players who wants to play for a winner in 2024.

I don't thin Vrabel needs any role on the coaching staff to be a hotly-pursued head coaching candidate in 2025, but I simply cannot see Vrabel as being the rocking chair type. He is a tough, gritty, son of a gun whose mere presence on the coaching staff ensures that physicality and toughness will peak.

Even in a LB Coach role on the coaching staff, he has far too much experience to be considered in a limited role. He is the type of coach who elevates the level of coaches and players alike.