Rams Rumors: Are 3 of the NFLs hottest coaches in Rams sights to fill vacancies?

The LA Rams coaching staff has been raided by other NFL teams once more. But is there twist this year? Could the LA Rams have 3 of the NFLs hottest coaches in their sights to fill coaching vacancies in 2024?

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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Hot Coach I: This guy could help take LA Rams offense to new heights

Coach Eric Bieniemy as Assistant Head Coach has an incredible ring to it. So why would the guy consider a role and title of Assistant Head Coach of the LA Rams? In all honesty, I think that it makes perfect sense as the next logical step of his career.

The guy has had the absolute worst luck in terms of moving forward in his coaching career. Long thought to be a yes-man for Kansas City Chiefs HC Andy Reid in terms of calling the offensive plays, he was overlooked repeatedly for head coaching opportunities. When he finally jumped ship to take on the role of Offensive Coordinator for the Washington Commanders under HC Ron Rivera, he lasted only one season, as Rivera was fired after the 2023 NFL season.

Well, fired after the Commanders hired new HC Dan Quinn:

The offense went in a new and fascinating direction in 2023. With the addition of Mike LaFleur as Offensive Coordinator, Ryan Wendall as OL Coach, and Ron Gould as RB Coach, the team signaled a new era of emphasizing the running game, building a far more physical and vicious offensive line for the trenches, and a stable of running backs that would fight for every extra yard.

Wouldn't the next logical step be to import a new offensive philosophy, one that has managed to successfully blend the attributes of an effective running game with a creative and dominating passing game? The comparisons of Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes with LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford have been made for years.

Why not add a voice of a coach who has worked with Mahomes for years to the Rams coaching staff?

For Bienemy, the role would be perfect. Everyone who passes Sean McVay in the halway is eventually offered a promotion. And there is only one more stop for an Assistant Head Coach, and that is to become a true Head coach.

For the team, bringing in a coach who has had the vast experience and knowledge of Eric Bieniemy feels very much like a slam dunk. He has coached and helped to develop one of the most consistent and productive offenses in the modern day NFL. Allowing him to join forces with HC Sean McVay, even if that relationship lasts only one season, could lead to one of the most innovative and productive offense that the NFL has ever seen.

The Rams proved a willingness to think outside the box in the 2023 coaching additions. Let's hope that willingness to import new ideas is still alive and well in the organization. Not only would these three coaching additions help the team prepare the roster for a Super Bowl run in 2024, but the entire coaching staff will improve by leaps and bounds along the way as well.