Rams rumors have some truth, as LA Rams DL Coach Eric Henderson would love to reunite with this FA

Aaron Donald, Eric Henderson, Los Angeles Rams
Aaron Donald, Eric Henderson, Los Angeles Rams / Harry How/GettyImages

When you play for LA Rams coach Eric Henderson, you quickly discover that you are more than just a player who is learning from one of the best defensive line coaches in the NFL. You become family. It's a bond that is easy to make and almost impossible to break. And in doing so, it raises the stakes for both the player and the coach. For the player, the bar elevates to the spot where you trust the coach implicitly, regardless of how you feel or whether or not you see the forest for the trees.

For Coach Henny, the burden is equally great, although he will never admit it. To him, he willingly opens the door and his heart to a new player who wants to compete at the level of the NFL. Henderson will give him that opportunity, but only if that player understands that the path to success in the NFL Is #DAWGWORK. Translated, it means DAWG: Discipline, Attitude, Work Ethic, Grit.

Right now, it feels like that pretty much describes the entire Rams roster.

SJD follows Staley, in both directions

Unfortunately, players move on. The Rams' success experiences a three-year cycle that is influenced by the way this team spends their annual allotment of salary dollars. When former nose tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day's contract expired, his best offer to continue to play in the NFL did not come from the LA Rams. Rather, it came from the Los Angeles Chargers, the team that had just hired former Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley to become their new head coach.

But the Chargers, no longer satisfied with Staley's oversight of the team, fired him recently. And soon after, Sebastian Joseph-Day was released as well.

Now the question is, will the LA Rams have any interest in signing SJD to the roster?

If it were up to Coach Henny, I believe that the answer would be a resounding yes. After all, he was a starter for the LA Rams on the defensive line for good reason. You see, he was able to play on the defensive line of scrimmage at several positions, and that is incredibly important for a Rams defense that loves to slide All-Pro DL Aaron Donald up and down the line in an effort to create mismatches.

The Rams, as any NFL team, could always use a competent addition to the defensive line rotation, and SJD already knows most of the Rams coaching staff, many of the Rams players, and the overall defensive philosophy for this team.

In the end, the decision over who to sign is up to LA Rams GM Les Snead and HC Sean McVay. But for Coach Eric Henderson, it's a simple matter. Family is family. DL Sebastian Joseph-Day can still play, and perform well, on an NFL defensive line. And so, I believe that Coach Henny would welcome SJD back to the fold with open arms.