Rams rumors: How do you feel about NFL Insiders choice of 7 struggling QBs?

Carson Wentz, Los Angeles Rams
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It makes sense for Wentz to re-sign with the Rams

In the case of the LA Rams roster, you would be wise to err on the side of caution. The Rams lost Matthew Stafford to injury for eight games in 2022. The team dodged a bullet in 2023 because an injury that could have ended Stafford's season after eight games proved to be less serious than originally thought. Even with the upgrade in his injury diagnosis, Stafford did sit out a game.

It was that Week 9 performance by backup QB Brett Rypien that convinced the team that going cheap at the backup quarterback position was unwise. In fact, until the final two weeks of the 2023 NFL season, the decision to invest next to nothing in the role nearly derailed the Rams chances of competing in the 2024 NFL Playoffs.

Evidence is mounting that the team needs to take the backup quarterback position very seriously for 2024. The presence of Carson Wentz in 2023 seemed to build a great deal of synergy for both the team and the player.

With the pressure off, and the opportunity to shine in an offense once more, the Rams offered Wentz two qualities that he did not have previously.

You can look back over the course of Carson Wentz's career. While he has certainly enjoyed some high points in his career, he has been plagued by excessive expectations that his team was ultimately unable to accomplish. That created a need to blame someone, and the reputation of being a difficult quarterback to scheme to success began to snowball.

Much like the course of former Rams QB Baker Mayfield, Carson Wentz was able to catch a break, sit on the bench, and grow a bit in terms of accepting that the offense need not run through him exclusively. He is just 1-0 as a starter in 2023, but that victory came at the expense of the San Francisco 49ers.

That is reason enough to extend him for 2024.