Rams rumors: How do you feel about NFL Insiders choice of 7 struggling QBs?

Carson Wentz, Los Angeles Rams
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Option VI: Trade for this struggling QB

Should the LA Rams deliberately trade for a struggling young quarterback? That is what former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young believes in a recent podcast of the Adam Schefter show. While I do not know exactly how strong a former 49ers quarterback's ties are to the Rams' offense, there is no doubt that Steve Young's NFL experience gives him a unique insight that many NFL Insiders and pundits do not have.

The New York Jets have tried to unlock the upside of young quarterback Zach Wilson. As it often happens in the NFL, some have argued that the Jets' inability to get Wilson on track ultimately led to the demise of then Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur. While that led to his dismissal from the Jets, it did lead to his taking on the role of the LA Rams OC role in 2023, and the rest is history.

Does it make sense for OC Mike LaFleur to agree to add QB Zach Wilson to the Rams' offense? Should he dig in his heels and insist that Zach Wilson doesn't have what it takes? NFL Insider Steve Young believes he possesses that NFL talent but needs the right offense to find success.

Well, Steve Young believes that he has NFL talent, and that he would flourish in an offense that is drawn up by HC Sean McVay. Is he on the right track? Here is what he has to say:

"To me, the place he needs to be is in LA. Go with Sean McVay. Follow (Matthew) Stafford and just sit there and watch the magic and then see if you can pick it up. If you can, then you can be one of the best because you have the talent for it. But he has to get to one of those spots"

Steve Young per Desert Report

Zach Wilson is entering the fourth year of his rookie contract, a year that has been the ideal point in time for the front office to pull the trigger. GM Les Snead appreciates acquiring a player in the last year of his contract. If he does not succeed, his contract expires and the two sides organically part ways. If he does succeed, the team has an opportunity to extend the player, knowing that he can play in this offense.

But if he gets hot and his value exceeds the team's budget to re-sign him, there is a solid consolation prize. A lucrative contract for Wilson could trigger the NFL's algorithm that leads to awarding a compensatory pick in the next NFL Draft. While I am not convinced that he has NFL upside, the NFL rumors linking him to the Rams offense are based on open comments from former NFL QB Steve Young.