Rams rumors: Reports now that Falcons HC Morris lures another Rams coach to join him

Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach
Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

It's pretty obvious by now that former LA Rams DC Raheem Morris was a pretty popular guy in the Rams locker room. If you didn't figure it out from all of the ringing endorsements by his fellow coaches, players and former players, you have to be getting the message by now. The man exudes confidence, intelligence, and makes it a point to ensure that every interaction with another person is treated with respect and dignity.

The drama of the Rams defensive coordinator and his pursuit of a head coaching role this offseason was a prolonged matter that we covered at great lengths, even to the point when it seemed as though no head coaching opportunity would be offered to him:

In the end, Morris was hired by the Atlanta Falcons to take over as their new head coach for 2024. And as part of Morris's plan to restaff the Falcons coaches, he has hit his former team hard, The LA Rams have had 10 coaches jump ship. Well, nine if you ignore the vacancy caused at the team's LB Coach role with the promotion of Coach Chris Shula to become the team's new defensive coordinator.

The Rams are losing an incredible number of coaches this offseason, many of whom are jumping ship to follow Morris to a role with the Atlanta Falcons. The latest defection is the team's associate director of strength and conditioning, John Griffin, who is now rumored to be joining the Falcons' staff in an as-yet-undefined role with their strength and conditioning program:

Griffin joined the LA Rams staff in 2021, the same year that the team hired Raheem Morris as the defensive coordinator. Griffin was a former running back who saw limited action on special teams with the New York Jets in 2012. Undaunted by his lack of success in the NFL as a player, he turned to a role in strength and conditioning. He had roles in the NCAA with both Baylor and South Carolina. Now, he returns to the SouthEast to reunite with HC Raheem Morris as a new member of the Atlanta Falcons.

The Rams have begun to refill coaching vacancies. But one more vacancy now adds to the completion of that important task.

The Rams relied heavily upon their strength and conditioning program to restore many key players from injury to the active roster. Both wide receiver Cooper Kupp and running back Kyren Williams benefitted from their work. Hopefully, the quality of the team's strength and conditioning will not falter with this expected loss of Griffin.