Rams Rumors: Reports of former Titans administrator filling this new tantalizing role

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The LA Rams are making progress in filling vacant roles on their coaching staff. While vacancies remain to be filled, the team continues to vet, interview, and reportedly fill positions in a deliberate and steady process. The latest Rams rumor of a reported hire surfaced yesterday, February 13, 2024, and involves a former Tennessee Titans. The unique circumstances about this rumored new hire are: What role is he scheduled to fill?

The new hire rumored to be joining the LA Rams is John Streicher, the former Director of Football Administration for the Tennessee Titans. So what role with he be filling for the Rams?

Well, the hired has been confirmed by The Athletic's correspondent for the LA Rams, Jourdan Rodrigue, who was first to add some insight about the hire. Per her information, the new role with be involved with game management.

What should the Rams fans expect from this developing role for John Streicher? Comments from Tennessee Titans HC Mike Vrabel about John "Stretch" Streicher's role might shed some light on what the team plans for Streicher in his new role:

"Stretch (John Streicher) has been valuable for me and our staff. He advises me on replay, timeouts, the clock. In this case, even when the field-goal team was on the field for us, I thought we should go for the win. The odds of making a 50-yard field goal are probably slightly better than making a fourth-and-two at that point in the game against that defense. But I just thought of our players—they love going for it. I thought how tough Marcus was, and how much confidence I had in him. Plus, I guess ties help you, but I don’t know. We didn’t want a tie, even against a great team like this one."

Titans HC Mike Vrabel

With the influx of data analytics into in-game decisions for a head coach, John Streicher can be vital in pointing Rams Head Coach Sean McVay in the right direction. The Rams have had occasions when the fans had questions over the decisions made regarding going for it, kicking the field goal, or simply punting the football. If Streicher can help the team make those decisions in real time, that could prove to be a positive impact on the team.

When I investigated John Streicher's LinkedIn Profile, I discovered that he held two titles from his role with the Tennessee Titans. The first is the one everyone associated with his role with the Titans: Special Assistant to the Head Coach. The second title is the more intriguing title: Coordinator of Football Development. If the comments from Titans HC Mike Vrabel describe this role, he is the person who applies data analytics metrics to help the head coach know when to apply percentages to make the right calls.

Of course, if the team is still defining his role, everything else is speculation. But it's safe to project his past role with the Titans as a prerequisite to whatever role the team hopes he fills in 2024.