Rams Rumors: Yes, this would be an incredible 'next step' for Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams
Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Retirement means different things to different people. To legendary LA Rams All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, retirement simply means next chapter. So what might that next chapter entail? Well, that is the mystery. And in the NFL offseason, mysteries bring out the Scooby Doo Mystery Van in all of us.

And solving mysteries do not even require a box of Scooby snacks.

So what are the latest Rams rumors about Aaron Donald? Per NFL Network's correspondent James Palmer, those rumors project Aaron Donald eventually joining the USC coaching staff, and working with his former DL Coach and friend Eric Henderson. And when Palmer and fellow NFL correspondent Steve Wyche joined forces to ask Coach Henny that question directly, here was the response:

To see the full interview, click this link here. You can check out Coach Henny's interview at the 22:30 mark on that video. Coach Henny talked about how the Eagles dictated a 100 percent double-team blocking scheme throughout the game on Aaron Donald. The video is exciting to watch because you hear directly from Henderson exactly what it was like to coach him during the game.

Coach Henny is comfortable with how the Rams defense will respond in 2024. He is not worried about the defensive front for the team, and cited the new coaches who came onto the staff, He was especially high on second year players Kobie Turner and Byron Young, both of whom he praised as having passion and a smart approach to the game.

So what was the Tweet that the Palmer and Wyche referred to as controversial? Simply this:

I do not have any insider information over Aaron Donald's next steps. But I will say that a player whose reputation and prestige rises to that of Aaron Donald are a natural draw to a college football program. Aaron Donald, just by an association with USC (or any football program) is an unequalled recruitment tool.

But Aaron Donald is not just a figurehead. He is incredibly smart, a football intellect who can diagnose plays in real time as they develop around him. He not only knows the job of a defensive lineman, but he can dictate offensive line protections on any given play.

He is a natural for a football coaching career. He has elite talent as a player. He loves to help young men compete in football. And he has a great friend in Coach Eric Henderson.

Is the expectation that Aaron Donald will join the USC coaching staff just a rumor? Perhaps. But nobody is saying that it won't happen, so stand by everyone. This could be a rapidly developing situation.