Rams taking QB succession seriously if new hires are a clue to team's 2024 strategy

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2024 NFL Draft loaded with QB talent

There is a growing consensus that as many as five rookie quarterbacks will come off the 2024 NFL Draft board before the team even has a chance to make its Round 1 selection with the 19ther overall pick. But the depth and quality of quarterback talent this year is such that even prospects who remain on the draft board after multiple players are selected may still have NFL starting potential.

Rams fans who have weighed in on the issue of the team's successor to Matthew Stafford express the complete spectrum of support, from vehemently opposed to using any draft pick on a quarterback to the opposite end of insisting that the team must aim for a top quarterback talent in Round 1.

The Rams' situation right now is such that even a rookie chosen in 2024 has a year or two to learn the NFL and the offense before the window opens for him to compete for a true start. As far as draft selection, you do not want to jump on a rookie early in the draft simply because the expectation for a top quarterback is to be allowed to start immediately.

If the team drafts a quarterback, this is a player for 2025 and beyond, not for the 2024 season. Of course, any injury that benches Matthew Stafford changes all of that instantly. But whoever is selected, if selected, has to understand that this could be a multi-year grind. So who might be among the candidates? This next QB assessment is useful in that the analyst does not tout only the top three prospects.

From the above analysis, the options for the team may be Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy, or South Carolina QB Spencer Rattler, as both are a bit raw, but could be a starting NFL quarterback with some time playing behind a veteran quarterback.