Rams taking QB succession seriously if new hires are a clue to team's 2024 strategy

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Proven track records of optimizing QB performances

If you are going to invest in either a rookie quarterback or some form of tarnished veteran quarterback, you certainly need a QB coach who can coach up players. That is exactly what the LA Rams appeared to have emphasized with the latest rumored coaching hires.

The LA Rams are not yet at that critical decision point of determining how and when the team plans to hand the starting quarterback baton off to a successor. But even on the track, handing off a baton does not occur to the next runner who is standing still. To be an effective handoff, the next guy in the race is accelerating while the runner is decelerating. The baton is handing off at that perfect intersection point when the next runner's speed matches and might begin to accelerate beyond the original holder.

The Rams organization has that opportunity by addressing the backup quarterback role now to allow the next guy to accelerate in training camp and practice fields naturally. That means that whoever is added to the shortlist of successors for the quarterback role for this team, immediately ready to start is not one of the must-have criteria.

Carson Wentz is the perfect example of how that works for this football team. Because he arrived mid season, he needed time to ramp up to be ready to start at the helm of this offense. He clearly was able to process the role based on the game performance in Week 18. But that would have been a far different experience if he was forced into starting for the team the week that he arrived.

The LA Rams do have the luxury of looking for the next guy from a standpoint of working out short-term, temporary deficiencies and aiming for the highest upside, talent-laden candidates who are effective fits in the offense and culture.

Are the LA Rams truly forced to add a rookie quarterback from the 2024 NFL Draft? Not at all. From a financial standpoint, there are advantages to adding a young college prospect to shape and mold into a great fit for this offense. But there is a risk that an investment may not deliver results, as the Rams are still in the dark as to what they have with former Georgia QB Stetson Bennett.