Rams taking QB succession seriously if new hires are a clue to team's 2024 strategy

Chicago Bears, Dave Ragone
Chicago Bears, Dave Ragone / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages
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Links between coaches and free agent QBs

You should always look to the NFL Free Agency market when assessing the positions that the team is likely to target in the draft. If the position is shallow in the draft, that will add market pressure to the free agency demand. But if the position is deep, like the quarterback depth is in the 2024 NFL Draft, then there is very little pressure in the free agency market.

What's worse for NFL free agent quarterbacks is the fact that any team in the market for a new quarterback has plenty of solid free agents to choose from. But of the teams that are truly seeking quarterbacks, only the teams that are shut out of the top five or six quarterback prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft will look to the free agency market.

The team's unique situation in 2024 is such that the team can opt to shop in either the draft or the free agency market. So which option makes the most sense?

The history of Rams rumors for new QB coach Dave Ragone and his former Chicago Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky is rather impressive. Trubisky is projected to become a free agent this year. But he is not the only one:

For what it's worth, the Rams can view the opportunity to sign a solid veteran free agent quarterback from the above list, and have links to at least four quarterbacks on the above list, and may have even more connections and legitimate interest beyond that.

Rams have hired Jerry Schuplinski as the team's new Senior Offensive Assistant. Schuplinski has a strong background in developing young quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett when they were all at the New England Patriots. Both Jacoby Brissett (confirmed) and Jimmy Garoppolo (rumored) are expected to become available as free agents this year.

And of course, we cannot ignore the fact that both Carson Wentz and Baker Mayfield are projected free agents as well. The Rams have plenty of options for a successor at the backup quarterback position, and the only limiting factor now is making the money make sense for both sides.